Sunday, April 21, 2013

Racing Diamonds and Formal Warm-Ups

I hadn't raced in two years -- until yesterday. Apparently in my drive to be awesome (before I completely burned myself out), I forgot that racing is inherently fun, and that is just what I had yesterday, lots and lots of fun. I didn't, and couldn't, really have any expectations going into the Montana World Championships. Prior to yesterday, I would have been nearly paralyzed with anxiety and expectations waiting to push off the wall, but yesterday I hollered for fun and did some smack-talking instead. I think I used to reach my max heart rate even before the race started, but yesterday I just cruised and tried to build the swim into the bike. I think that I won the swim even though some punk kid on a relay swam a few seconds faster than me, because that just doesn't count. This was the windiest bike leg I'd ever ridden. I think I got to the turnaround in about 6 minutes and spent the next 30 battling a headwind and sidewind back. I'm also pretty sure that I rode an extra mile, due to wind induced swerving on the way back. Having barely been on the bike this year, given my rule against riding in anything less than 50 degrees and sun, my legs were pretty much cooked by the time I started the run. Fortunately, they weren't as cooked as some other folks who stopped to rest for a spell on a lamppost and others who laid down in some grass for a respite. All in all, that was a fun day. Hipster Team Corbin on their Vespa and Team Pickell were really good at cheering. Jesse Carnes went scary fast and won a rock. Elliot returned to Grizzly racing. Jen Luebke, with her wood reinforced bike, won the ladies race. I think I saw Matt, and Adam encouraged me to beat Jeff. The bike turnaround was farther away than it's ever been. Brendan returned to show off his tan. I won best dressed. Shaun and Joel made excitement where non existed, and Graham Meng sent out a tweet.

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